Panama Business Council

Your Global Consultants offer a range of consulting services to variety of clients around the world:

  • Developers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • International Financial Organizations
  • Individual Sales Associates

Our objective is to ensure clients benefit from taking a global approach to their product development, marketing and sales.  Examples of our consulting services are given below, but please feel free to approach us to discuss specific challenges you are facing in today’s market.  We will be happy to discuss how you and your company can benefit from our expertise.

Custom Sales Training

Whether you are a real estate broker, or a property developer, your sales associates will benefit from an introduction to international marketing, using proven techniques to build their business and understanding how to work effectively with buyers from another country.  YGC will work to understand your current business model and sales strategy and tailor a training course to address specific needs.  Our consultants are also experienced at developing bespoke programs for larger real estate brokerages who wish to implement an international designation that their associates can achieve.

International Marketing Plans

Learn how to take the message for your product or service beyond traditional, local markets.   You will receive a custom marketing plan that details channels you may use to generate international business in specific markets including:

  • Definition of target market(s)
  • End user/consumer marketing
  • Partner programs
  • Program Implementation and management

Project Evaluation

It may be difficult for developers building in one country to understand the needs and  requirements of prospective buyers from other countries.  YGC’s Project Evaluation starts with a detailed evaluation of a project – this can be at the point of inception, during development or after completion.  The strengths and weaknesses of the project are then examined as to how they relate to the developer’s target markets in other countries.  A series of recommendations are made that may include identification of target markets, product positioning, branding, community features, floor plans, interior appointments, marketing materials, channels to market and media strategies.



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